This tiny thing here is the Hubsan X4 H107L. It’s a sturdy micro quadcopter that’s perfect
as a beginner’s first drone.Here’s why:It comes  as a Ready to Fly (RTF) kit. For new buyers, be aware that drone kits come in RTF, Bind-And-Fly (BNF), and Almost-Ready-to-Fly (ARF). This simply means that you will have all the hardware to start flying right away, including the transmitter.

It comes with two flight modes, novice and expert.

Novice gives you much more forgiving controls so you can be more bold with them. Expert mode gives you much more agility and responsiveness, at the cost of stability.

The two modes give a new pilot a gentler learning curve, which I feel is incredibly important in how much fun a quadcopter can be for a beginner.

It flies great. The Hubsan X4 H107L is small and agile, which means that it’s great for doing tricks with. It’s very responsive to controls.

Compared to other micro quads on the market it holds its own, despite its price. It’s also liberating to fly a quadcopter purely for fun, i.e. you’re not worried about getting the right camera angle for the perfect shot.

The Hubsan X4 can do flips, pirouettes, and other tricks. It’s just good ole RC fun. It’s compact and sturdy. Being a micro quad, it generally won’t have very forceful crashes.

It will hold up against almost all indoor crashes, and outdoor it will be alright unless it is a full force collision into a hard surface. However do be wary of wind outdoors.

It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Priced at around $50, the Hubsan X4 H107L is ideal for you to learn flying a drone on.

Check the price on

Unlike if you were piloting a $1000 drone, you won’t be having panic sweats every time you come near a tree or, heavens forbid, crash the quadcopter.

Which if you’re a beginner, I 100% guarantee you will.

Living room flight of the hubsan X4 H107LSome additional information about the Hubsan X4 H107L:You can customize the sensitivity for both novice and expert mode.

As you progress as a pilot, your preference for sensitivity may change as well.

It has LEDs for night flights. They also indicate which way the drone is facing.

The transmitter uses 4 AAA batteries.  Remember not to leave the battery in the quadcopter after use, as it will get worn out faster.

If you’re new to drones, this is the place to start. The Hubsan X4 is suited for the beginner. From the moment it takes flight in your living room, to however far your drone-obsession goes, this one is a quad that’s always fun to fly.